top-bannerWhen determining the right place to workout, it is important to consider not only where you want to exercise, but the level of attention and quality you are looking for. If you are on the cheap and want a $10/month gym membership , don’t want any guidance on proper form, and would rather NOT sweat during your workout, then Elevate Fit Life is probably not the place for you. Or maybe it is…even if you have less ambitious goals, we may be able to change your mind after a session with us!

What Are You Looking For In A Fitness Studio?

We get it. You want results. Two things are essential in the application of gym training: SCIENCE and ENERGY. In other words, (1) the information/science behind the program and (2) the style of delivery and overall experience. We believe there are as many paths to success as there are people, and we strive to provide an environment where our clients feel supported and guided through their fitness journey, whether it be rehabilitation, athletic performance, or somewhere in between. The question of whether or not we are right for you can be answered by a quick consultation and/or trial period where we can determine what you would like to focus on and how our programs can help. If you need education, accountability, motivation, and encouragement, then we are DEFINITELY the place for you!!!

What Makes Us Different?

We are no ordinary gym, strip-mall “cookie-cutter” fitness studio, or weight-lifting box. Elevate Fit Life has been created to initiate massive change and elicit a high-energy, positive, and community-driven experience. Our primary focus is on TRAINING in a small group environment, COMPOSITION analysis, NUTRITION education, and progress TRACKING. We have a clear road map to your success and we are excited to help you ACHIEVE your goals! Contact our fitness club here, or sign up with the box at the right!