Owner | Coach/Trainer | CPT | BS Exercise Science & Wellness

Katrina is an extremely well-traveled, talented, and energizing fitness trainer. She has been in the industry since 2005 when she started off her career in a small personal training studio in Nebraska, working with clients one on one. She has also worked in a variety of settings ranging from major gyms, gymnastics, and small group training studios. She received her B.S. in Exercise Science and Wellness from ASU and has her training certification through the NSCA. Katrina started young in athletics at age 5 with gymnastics. Since then she has competed in a wide array of sports ranging from one end of the spectrum to another such as cheerleading to football, dance to softball, cross country to CrossFit, and many in between. She began loving leading groups of people in college when she was asked to coach her previous high school cheerleading squad. Katrina’s love for connecting with people, training clients, and helping others achieve their goals is a perfect combination with her fun, uplifting, and inspiring energy! That’s how the best gym around was born!


Owner | Coach/Trainer | CPT | BS Recreation Administration

Tony grew up in Washington and has been an athlete his entire life. He was drawn to the fitness industry out of his passion for exercise, performance, and helping others. Always seeking a higher quality in his work, actualization of full potential is something he reaches for in himself, his employees, teammates, and his clients. Multiple years of training experience has shaped his ideas about the “fitness experience” and what creates the best environment not only for the member, but for the trainer. He wanted to develop a concept that would bridge the gap between 1 on 1 personal training and small group training while seamlessly administering composition techniques and performance tracking to measure progress. Tony also understands low-back and joint injuries on a deeper more personal level after suffering from a herniated L5/S1 disc, chronic knee pain, and having to rehabilitate and gain strength. The study and science of mobility and movement patterns came to light, expanding his knowledge and application of muscular symmetry and structural balance. The combination of his industry and life experience has evolved into a dynamic fitness system where he challenges himself and clients alike to raise their standards and become a part of the Elevate “Fit Life”!


Owner | Coach/Trainer | CPT | CFSC | BS Kinesiology

Josh works hard to help his clients move better, feel better and look better. He provides each client with safe, effective and individualized workout program geared towards success in reaching their personal fitness goals. He has extensive knowledge and experience in teaching group fitness, functional training, sports and career specific training, weight loss and injury prevention and rehabilitation. His knowledge allows him to train a wide variety of clients varying in age, abilities, limitations and exercise experience. He believes exercise is one of the most important things a person can do for themselves. With his passion for fitness and his love for helping others, Josh provides a positive, fun and encouraging atmosphere in which his clients thrive.


Coach/Trainer | JOGA Coach | FRC Mobility Specialist

Full of energy & ready for the daily ‘grind’, Joy is our JOGA coach specialist here at Elevate. She originally grew up on the west coast & has lived abroad in Canada, Russia, & Germany for the past nine years. Excited to be back on the west side, she is thrilled to be coaching a recovery system called JOGA (an athletic based style of yoga). Growing  up as a multiple sport athlete, Joy faced a lower back injury that led to surgery in early 2005. This brought a new layer to mental toughness & meaning to #changingyourgame by incorporating some form of recovery into training. This was a huge turning point for Joy, as she started to incorporate yoga & healthier eating habits specific to injury rehab. Slowly overtime, she began to build weight training back into her fitness routine. She has studied under some of the fitness industry’s top educators & has had the privilege to work with several levels & types of athletes, (semi, pro & urban) coaching them through this recovery system to compliment their ‘grind’. Her main goal working with clients is to help them find success in body & mind. Joy loves her Elevate fam & could not be more excited for how this community continues to grow and thrive!


Coach/Trainer | CPT | BS Computer Science

Leah grew up in Gaffney South Carolina where she discovered her passion for sports and fitness. While participating in High School track and Field she went on to win South Carolina Athlete of the year and South Carolina state Championship to earn her a full scholarship to Colorado State University. Although she was a Computer Science and Communications major, Leah always found passion in helping her teammates reach their goals, and having fun in the gym. Fitness allowed her to find a way to encourage others and herself. Just two .10’s away from making the 2016 Olympic Trials Leah decided to continue her dream of becoming a professional athlete in Track and Field. Since being in Seattle she found a love and weight lifting and has transferred sports. Fitness has been and will always be apart of her lifestyle, she takes pride in helping people become their best self and do things they thought they never could!


Coach | GFT | BS Psychology

Amber is a little powerhouse full of energy!  She has a degree in Psychology from the University of Washington, and was a member of the UW Cheer Team! After becoming a licensed Speech Language Pathology Assistant, she decided that she wanted to make fitness more than just a hobby. Fitness has been a part of her life since she was little, she has participated in many different sports and athletic activities growing up. You name it; she has at least tried it or has it on her list to try!  She has now been coaching for better part of a decade, and lives to inspire those around her to work hard and be the best version of themselves possible. Being a Fitness enthusiast, she loves being active and is always up for a new challenge! Amber has participated in many races such as the Tough Mudder and Spartan race.  If she is not working out, she is outside enjoying the PNW with her dog Mila or is traveling!  After living abroad for almost year, she wants to see as much of the world as she can.  At 5’1”, she may be small in stature but will challenge, push, and motivate you to meet and exceed your fitness goals.