Strength-Based HIIT Training is the name of our game!! Offered primarily in Group Formats, your trainer will guide you through your “daily dose”, which combines a dynamic fusion of low-impact cardio machines, high-intensity intervals, and scalable exercises, ensuring that all fitness levels can participate. Not only is there incredible focus upon exercise selection, but each workout has been masterminded to help you burn a massive amount of calories and metabolically challenge even the most elite athletes!

**We also offer Private and Semi-Private sessions during select times.

We wanted to redefine the group training experience by providing all-inclusive programming at the highest level of training instruction possible. How did we do that? Research and Development. Our workouts are a unique blend of total body cross-training elements and challenges designed and tested through years of client experience to maximize fat burn, caloric expenditure, and strength development. Whether you are dealing with an old injury or starting a program for the first time, you can be confident your Trainers have selected a challenging array of exercises based upon movement patterns to ensure muscular balance and help prevent injury:


  • Horizontal Push
  • Horizontal Pull
  • Vertical Push
  • Vertical Pull
  • Quad Dominant
  • Hip/Hamstring Dominant
  • Elbow Flexion
  • Elbow Extension
  • Core Work
  • Rotational Movements

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Alongside our daily workouts we offer a variety of Specialty Classes including:

TrainCentric (TUT): “Time Under Tension” weightlifting

Elevate Yoga: balance, restoration, flexibility

Weightlifting Clinics: learn proper weightlifting techniques and build strength

Gymnastic Movements: advanced body weight movements

Youth Classes: conditioning, agility, speed, and strength